Dokuz Eylul University was founded on July 20, 1982 with the aim of educating people in a wide range of disciplines like health, economy, art, educatin, engineering, etc. in order to contribute to the financial, technical and social development of our society. In addition to education and research, DEU strategically encompasses the relationship between different kinds of national and international initiatives and different programmes. Presently, DEU has 14 faculties, 10 institutes, 1 Conservatory, 4 technical schools, 7 vocational schools and 52-research and development centers. There are around 3.200 researchers and 68.000 students. Most known Research Centers are focused on nano-technology, biomedicine, genom technology, marine sciences, social and human sciences, environmental sciences, material sciences, textiles. Dokuz Eylul University provides research-oriented, creative and student-based education, which does not dictate knowledge, but teaches ways to reach information, gives importance to team work and tries to keep student-staff interaction at high levels. The philosophy and method of problem-based learning is implemented extensively in the University. Students at the Dokuz Eylul University are intellectual individuals with hardworking, productive and creative, sensitive to social problems, respectful to their essential developed communication skills, who use their mind, don’t hesitate to ask questions, dream and think, and are values. DERA is the acronym for Dokuz Eylul Research Area. DERA mainly consists of micro and macro environmets of Dokuz Eylul University such as technology transfer office, technology development office, cooperation with industry in Izmir and Turkey, cooperation with universities and research instutitons, cooperation with the society and the state.